Ramblings of a cogent cow

16 September
I hate flat jumpy fast spiders, stinkbugs, and grumpy for no good reason people. I am addicted to non-alcoholic beer and chocolate...I have 2 daughters fromthepigpen, cheer_potato, a sonaughter pussinboots, and an estranged (or is it deranged) son. If I am not afflicted with a menopause induced brain fog, then I am usually stressfully happy. I have an unhealthy weakness for cats and dogs...specially strays, and if it weren't for my husband I would be one of those hoarders that ends up with a gazillion animals on my property in varying stages of filth and disease.

My sonaughter, who got me started in this journal, describes me as sensitive, intuitive, generous, beautiful, witty, relaxed, congenial, talented, and affectionate. (None of the kids realize we have nothing to leave them when we die...don't tell.)

How I describe myself would probably sound a lot like Phoebe Snow's song "Either or Both". However, that is not the type of music I most listen to...not that you need to know, or even want to know, or even care the least bit, but that would just be like....whatever.

'Cause this is MY United States of Whatever!